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(Though of course she and Gayle King are just BFFs, nothing more.) Or perhaps not: Oprah’s often given voice to women from all walks of life.

When it comes to Lohan, her string of well-publicized romances with men (Wilmer Valderrama, Colin Farrell, Jared Leto, Brody Jenner, Jude Law, Adrian Grenier) turned into her longest relationship yet with DJ Samantha Ronson, a lady.

em relação ao nome do show, que também é o nome do albúm e da canção.

Eles afirmam na ação que a série "constitui uma falsa denominação de origem, e tem causado e continua a causar um risco de confusão, engano, e quanto à origem, patrocínio, associação e / ou de conexão nas mentes do público ".

And while the stability of that relationship is up for grabs, her romance with Ronson hasn’t been plagued by the publicity of drug and alcohol binges like her boytoys have.

With Nixon, her relationship with husband Danny Mozes (the father of her two children) ended after 15 years before she became close friends, and then lovers with, Christine Marinoni, who met while Nixon was campaigning for public school causes in New York City.

"But I'm the opposite of what people think I am." That became clear Sept.

30 when Hollywood let forth a collective gasp at the news that Ratner and Packer were two of the key players behind a 0 million slate deal with Warner Bros., a joint venture between Rat Pac and Dune Capital Partners that will cover 75 films, or nearly all of the storied studio's product over a four-year period.

Women are running away from men for relationships with other women! You can point to the Lindsay Lohans and Cynthia Nixons of the world as evidence — tired or exhausted from or put off by dating guys, they turn to gal pals for love and affection — but there are plenty of less famous women whose relationships (and marriages) with men fall apart, and they end up in the arms of other women.And Jackie Warner, star of Bravo’s , says she receives hundreds of letters from straight women who write in to share their special and one-off attraction to her.in Budapest, with just a few hours to go on this chilly October evening before the movie wraps at 6 a.m.Sometimes it’s a power thing (she makes more, he feels emasculated), sometimes it’s a fed up with guys thing (why are all men such dirtbags?), and sometimes, well, we don’t know why it happens.It's not just the first time in recent years that Warners has agreed to take a financial partner across its complete body of work; it's also the first time a director has been involved in any such undertaking. Closes 0 Million Financing Deal With Dune, Brett Ratner's Rat Pac "Filmmakers have raised money for a movie before," notes Ratner, "but not for a slate of an entire studio's movies.


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