Updating old reader boards

Giving the motor drivers a pulse stream full of stops and starts is like driving a car with a clogged fuel filter that bucks and balks when you try to get crisp acceleration.

Furthermore, changing the structure of your taskboard is cumbersome.Whenever a step pulse is delayed, you get a big deceleration. This is tremendously wasteful of the motor’s torque, is far from ideal as a way to drive a cutter through material, and generally gums up the works. Tormach has quantified the magnitude of these problems pretty nicely in one of their many excellent engineering articles. EXE (comes with Mach3) to determine how stable a particular PC configuration is for driving a CNC machine. EXE, they measured performance of a 2.2 GHz Dell Optiplex 330.That machine exhibited an interrupt variation (variance from desired timing) of 14 microseconds.For decades, painters have wrestled with how to best refinish neglected, old pressure treated decks – without call backs.Pressure treated decks are common in the residential repaint segment, because the wood rarely rots, but often seems to take on every form of ugly just shy of rotting.This creates visibility and awareness and enables the right people to react to that new status fast.


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