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"When they are approached beyond a certain distance, participants in a con-versation feel uncomfortable," said René Hurle¬mann, head of the research group that conducted the study at the Department of Psychiatry of the University of Bonn.A very sensitive case of social distance is the one between a woman and a man when flirting.The acronym "Mi KADO" represents the first letters of the project topics: Mi KADO = "Missbrauch von Kindern: tiologie, Dunkelfeld und Opfer" ("Sexual abuse of children: etiology, Dunkelfeld and victims"). But the "social distance" ensures that they will keep a certain spatial distance from each other.Caroline Issa: Martin Luther King’s ‘I dreamed a dream’ speech Mi H: What is the best fashion tip you have ever been given?Currently, data on sexual abuse and its consequences for the victims are scarce in Germany, especially for non-reported sexual abuse, the so-called "Dunkelfeld".Researchers under the leadership of the University of Bonn studied whether this distance can be diminished by the so-called love hormone, oxytocin.

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Sofort war mir klar, dass das unsere Sissi war, sagt Fitzi. Angst ist noch da Am Samstag werden Fitzis mit ihrem Auto nach Bonn reisen um Sissi abzuholen."The magic of the initial encounter often decides what it will turn into," says Dr. Major releases of oxytocin during sex and at childbirth Together with colleagues from the Universities of Bochum and Chengdu, his team studied the effect oxytocin, a neuro¬peptide, has on the social distance between women and men."This neurotransmitter is often called the 'love hormone,' reports Professor Wolfgang Maier, Director of the Department of Psychiatry of the University of Bonn, who also performs research for the German research center of neurodegenerative diseases (DZNE).She’s a former financial whizz turned publisher (of iconic Tank magazine), editor, general mastermind, street style star and designer (we could go on, but it would probably turn into us gushing about how much we love her). In celebration of the film she has styled and art directed just for us (to highlight the endless wardrobe options of our new Bonn jean), we caught up with the fashion wonder woman for a quick chat to find out her guilty pleasures, favourite London hangouts, favourite movies and more.Mi H: Favourite Movie Caroline Issa: Oh tough choice, I would have to have a top 3: Princess Bride, Roman Holiday and Cyrano De Bergerac Mi H: Favourite TV Show Caroline Issa: Once again, I am going to have to have a top 3: Sex and the City, Cosby Show and Entourage Mi H: Best piece of denim you have ever owned Caroline Issa: My Mi H Phoebe Remain, of course!Key Words: sexual abuse, pedophilia, Dunkelfeld, etiology, victimization Sexual abuse of children and adolescents can lead to substantial mental injuries within the victims and can be accompanied by severe social consequences.


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