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If you don’t like the idea of using Microsoft Word for writing you could simply save any Word document which you receive from you colleague as Markdown file and continue to work with your favorite Markdown tool.

Sure, we all have many things in common, but none of us has quite the same mix of passions, interests and goals as the next person.The events may be the same, but the difference is in the detail of the documents you create for the client.Before we get started, it is a good idea to define what a contract is to a business. It helps define a business relationship between you and your client.A smart feed that changes with you Since introducing the feed in December, we’ve advanced our machine learning algorithms to better anticipate what’s interesting and important to you.You’ll see cards with things like sports highlights, top news, engaging videos, new music, stories to read and more.Writage enables Microsoft Word to create and edit Markdown files (with .markdown or extensions). The following Markdown elements are supported: Uninstaller for Writage can be invoked via Control Panel.


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