Carrey is dating russian student anastasia vitkina Rosian girl freelivechat

A young girl has attracted attention of Jim Carrey, healed the wounds of his heart.

His choice is Russian designer studying in New York University 23-year-old Anastasia Vitkina.

Tell ghost stories by the fire." PHOTOS: Rebound romances "And every day, for the rest of your life, you would thank God that I was the appropriate age for you," he continued. He rebounded with 24-year-old model Anchal Joseph in January. Initially, nobody knew anything about her because she seemed to be a “normal” person – not a celebrity, not some C-list also-ran, not someone attached to the industry in some way.I pegged the lady at mid-30s, and refreshingly normal-looking – she’s not plucked, sucked, tucked and ‘Toxed.Later, outlets claimed that Jim’s girlfriend was Russian, 30 years old, and a “student” – her name is Anastasia Vitkina.Allegedly, she went to Parsons in NYC in 2007-08, which doesn’t make her a current “student” so…?But according to another source who just came out with a story moments ago, the good word is that although the Hollywood bixch is smitten by his play thing, he certainly has no illusions of getting married again. Hmm, did Jim get cold feet between yesterday’s rumor and today’s reversal? Then again you know what they say, not every Russian woman is a hooker. Never mind, I’m sure we’ll all find out the answers when Star magazine comes out with their hardcopy scoop tomorrow.


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