Amber portwood still dating chris

The Being Matt special sees him come face-to-face with the results of his past addiction battles, after his two youngest kids meet their older half-brother, Christopher Baier, for the first time.

Christopher is said to have moved in with Matt and Amber to get help with his own drug addiction late last year.

SECOND, the stars were already dating when they performed their iconic duet at the 2007 Video Music Awards. THIRD, Brown admits that he felt so strongly about Rihanna early on that he thought about proposing.

Once an unstable teenager dealing with anger management — she even did a stint in jail for felony drug charges — Portwood has grown alongside her daughter, Leah, who is now 8 years old, to become an entrepreneur.

And while her foray into fashion is giving fans plenty to get excited about, Portwood offered up some major personal news in a new interview.

"For anyone talking crap about this whole situation with Matt.s**t isn't funny This is real life I have to deal with not entertainment," the Indiana native tweeted on Wednesday. "I don't care if I found out he had 10 kids," she explained.

"I'm not dealing with this negative immature bulls**t," she continued. "He has to deal with that and his past and I'll stand by him.


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