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Follow our blog as we make the most of everything while living in China.Names Nancy, young, troubled with dangerous curiosities, Australian but living in china ( for now) A blog about the nonsensical colorful life i live.Also read expat bloggers in their expat interviews."What can you possibly find to do that keeps you interested in Mexico?Share your experiences and connect with other expats around the world.

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Moving to Indonesia alone and/or especially as a woman can be a daunting experience, but if you are prepared and educated about what to expect then you will be able to surround yourself with good, decent people.However, it's important to understand all of the details of living in Guatemala before moving there.Expats that move to Belize learn to enjoy a breathtakingly beautiful setting without some of the essentials they may have taken to granted in their home countries.Blogs are categorised by the country/region they are now expats in (use menu on right).If you have an expat blog that deserves to feature please request inclusion here.The HSBC Expat Explorer survey interviewed more than 7,500 expat parents about raising a family abroad.


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